A Watermelon Sprout

Raw Talent ~ A Journey into Raw & Living Foods
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Three Meals that Matter

Elise's Video Growing Project

Bud Nip is a Bummer to Breathe

Cornell Reviews Chlorpropham

EPA Spin - Same Chlorpropham Topic

Dutch TV ~ Food Diggers CIA

Things which are Important but about which You Don't Want to Know:

Where Is It?

See a full size wild banana in Wiki

Wiki Talks Banana

The Corporation

USDA Food Pyramid

Light Speaks

Cross Connections

Chart Courtesy of Dr. Mercola

Paying More for Crappy Food

Dr. Lustig's Quote 1:13 minutes into the video

A Short History of Sugar

FDA Work?

Allowance of Aflatoxins

Medical Food?

Government Babel Speak

NOP Rules

Woe is to us Lab Rats

Whole Foods ~ Chinese Organic Packages

About Organic Safety

Federal complaints against companies which aren't as organic as they claim

California investigates Avalon Naturals, better known as Alba


The Biggest Addiction Ever

Another Chart from Dr. Mercola

Don't hurt yourself, please!

Monsanto is the Adversary

Find Dr. Lustig here ~ watch & listen

The Tampon Revolt



Contaminated, the movie

Ocean Derived Fertilizer



Large scale industry misrepresents itself as organic

Aurora Dairy crushing small organic dairies by skirting organic rules

Still Contaminated

Pretty Packages but we want substance with the style

Locally grown versus Produce from Far Away

Community supported agriculture

EWG Shopper Guide

What's on my food?

The White Knight is a Black Knight in KKK Robes

Raw for 30 Days

Dr. Wiley's Lament

Which What Owns Which What

An I Love U to Professor Phil Howard

Thank you to Professor Philip H. Howard for the Graphics

Professor Philip H. Howard of Michigan State University

Professor Howard's Organic Industry Structure Visualization

What Comes Next?

Thanks again, Professor Phil Howard

Rare Seeds

Horizon Herbs

Another Organic Seed Supplier

Red Jack Kale

Many other plants


Sprouts in a nut bag in the shower

grew sprouts

The Little Prince

Sprouts in a Soil Tray

Sprouts from the Soil

Vultures Picnic

Bonus Links

Find a Farmer's Market

Phi Food - meals when you are unable to eat

The Future of Food - a movie

GMOs - a short video by Greenpeace


the barcode printer: free barcode generator

A Queen's Avocado Salad

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