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Zippy Pepper Soup

Preparation time: 12 minutes to 3 hours; Actual kitchen time; 12 minutes

Yield: 2 servings


8 red bell peppers

2-4 mangos*

A few pieces of dried mangos* (½ to 1 cup)

Micro greens (sprouts)


Soak the dried mangos until they soak up enough liquid to soften (a few hours to overnight)

Remove seed & veins from the peppers

Process the peppers in a food processor with the S blade in place.

Strain the resultant liquid into a large bowl or jar. Set the liquid aside.

Put pulp into a container, label with date and refrigerate for later use in a vegetable pate or pizza crust or burrito. 

Peel the mangos.

Cut the mango meat from the pit and plop the flesh into the food processor.

Add the softened dried mangos

Process until whipped up. The consistency will reach that of a meringue and will form little peaks when you break the surface with a toothpick or a utensil. 

Divide the strained pepper juice into two soup bowls.

Spoon a couple of dollops of the mango fluff into each bowl (dumplings)

Top with micro greens (teeny sprouts)


*If there is dire illness, replace the mango with papaya or leave out the dumplings completely. Small chunks of avocado or cucumber mix in nicely and serve to make the broth heartier.

If possible, add minced bitter leaves into the soup. Be careful as some very sick folks do not tolerate bitter very well in spite of it being needed. You want the food eaten and not pushed away. Ripe Bell peppers are replete with vitamin C

To the best of my knowledge, I am the talent which developed this first ever truly raw fruit dumpling.

Feta Cheese - No Goat, Cow or Sheep

Preparation Time: 35-50 minutes, including soak time                                    

Yield: Serves 2-4


½ c macadamias (or cashews or unsoaked pine nuts) soaked until plump;

       20-40 minutes

1 T lime juice & pulp (about 1/3rd of a lime squeezed)

1 T apple cider vinegar

1 T nutritional or Brewer’s yeast

1 t extra virgin olive oil

1   pressed garlic clove

Pinch of Himalayan salt or kelp powder


Soak the nuts. Once they have plumped, drain soak water completely and put the nuts into a food processor with the S blade in place.

Press the garlic clove over the nuts. The left over strings of garlic which will not go through the press can be used in another recipe or put into the processor at your discretion.

Add everything else to the mix and pulse until crumbly.

If you prefer, this recipe can be rough chopped, pressed and mixed by hand.

Serve mixed with salads as you would use any feta cheese. Any left over can placed into a small sealed container, labeled, dated, and stored in the fridge. The lime juice (natural citric acid) will keep the ingredients fresh for several weeks.


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