Raw Talent ~ A Journey into Raw & Living Foods
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I wrote a book about my journey to recover my own health. It contains hints and guides to avoid many of the pitfalls which entrapped me and caused me to weaken. It has recipes and simple instruction on how you can, again or for the first time, be the King or Queen in your own kitchen and rule over the kingdom of your own bodily health and vigor and,, yes, even weight. It is replete with color pictures, graphics, hints and variations to please every palate and view.

It was a huge undertaking which I've broken up into smaller parts; bite sized bits of information on how to participate in reinvigorating yourself. Buy any of the sections and I will send along the Bonus Book of recipes at no charge. Buy the whole kit and kaboodle all at once and save yourself $20. Please use the contact page for any and all questions. Thank you. 


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