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Dedicated to Optimal Nutition

Welcome to Raw Talent where you can learn the finest methods to retain or regain your health through the most delicious and nutritious living foods. You may wish to gain weight, to lose weight, to gather more energy and vitality, to calm down, to lighten your mood or to become more grounded. There are four keys to well being. Food is one key and a most basic one. You have a birthright of health and joy. If something is getting in the way of your rights, this site can show you how to begin to push those obstacles aside with ever greater ease as you go along. We have been, each and all, transforming body, mind, and spirit for our whole lives. Created to offer the finest  methods and opportunities for renewed vitality through raw and fresh food combining, offered here is preparation guidance for taking full advantage of the bounty Nature brings to us in order for us to reclaim our birthright of joy, harmony, and vigor. Through the delicious inclusion of more fresh foods into our lives and our eating habits, we gain strength; we gain energy; we attain our ideal individual weight; we move more easily; and we glide with a better attitude in life. 

Have you found a simpler, more direct, and better way to do this than to obey basic rules of old in that you are what you eat? Better fuel for your body brings better mood, more optimism, and the lightness of being we are promised. We are, after all, each a child of the Universe. Our tenets are like no other in that we are willing to accept what works for us and proves itself true. You are invited to begin to not be afraid or overwhelmed no matter who or what is disturbing you and seems to be hard at work pulling you down.


This site advocates eating food as closely as possible to its natural state when it ripens. This site does not advocate that every food you eat be uncooked. We all just do what we can to improve ourselves. There are no rules or demands made upon you here. You proceed at your own pace and according to your own requirements and results. Although this site supports fully ripened, fresh, unadulterated food, as Mom Nature intended it for us to sustain ourselves; although the site does not believe that chemicals, unnatural salts, and high amounts of fructose are nutritious, we are patient. We are kind and do not lay blame nor have contests nor pit you against any challenges you are unable or unwilling to meet. 

Even with full knowledge that chemicals and salts and high fructose corn syrups and sugars are not nutritious but are, instead, harmful, we lay no blame on you for poor eating habits. No one sets out to abuse or to malnourish themselves. There are powers at work, stronger than the individual, which demands conformity, attention, and desire for more of the same. Call it keeping up with the Joneses; call it conformity; call it fitting in; call it when in Rome do as the Romans do or call it anything else which you will. It is killing us; eating away at our immune systems; poisoning us; sickening us and stealing our well being away.

It does not matter who you are or what you seek. Here your unique needs are to be met. You will not be lost in a crowd. Food is not the end all even though it is the fuel which makes your engine go. There is movement (yep, exercise & play); proper breath work (remember Bob Dylan who told you you had forgotten how to breathe?), which is ever more important in our polluted environment, and our spiritual needs which allow us the joy which is our birthright and the lightness of being which comes when we are are full and shining with the light of the divine gift of human love.

We do not rely on equipment.  We do not make judgments.  Offered is simply support for you through your raw & living foods journey.

Advocated is eating food as closely as possible to its natural state when it ripens. Not advocated is that every food you eat be uncooked. Not demanded is that you become a Vegan or even a Vegetarian. Those choices are yours to make.

I believe that fully ripened, fresh, unadulterated food, as Mom Nature intended it for us, sustains us. I do not believe that chemicals, salts, and high amounts of fructose are nutritious. 


Offering patience and renewed motivation to help you get the results you want!

                                                      Content copyright 2010-2011.  Kathy Krivit. All rights reserved.

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